TLX Wrap (Cold Lanes)

TLX Wrap is a high performance thin reflective insulation used to combat the effects extreme cold and heat can have on temperature sensitive products, it can be effectively utilised for temperatures as low as -20°C to +40°C.

For short range protection, the product is made up of 11 layers combining convection inhibitors, low emissivity layers and high performance insulation.

  • 30mm thick high performance reflective insulation
  • 11 layers
  • Lightweight. Easy to handle and fit
  • 1.2m x 10m rolls

Width 1.2m
Length 10m
Tickness 30mm
Yield 12m²
Weight 545 g/m²
Core R Value 0.91 m²K/W
Emissivity 0.05
Water vapour resistance μ > 300,000


tlxwrap laying_down_on_pal-min1.JPG
new_wrap_ pic-min1.JPG
TLX Wrap (Cold Lanes)