Our team of scientists and technical experts specialize in applied polymer science, Phase Change Materials (PCM), ultrasonic welding, reflective and breathable films, high performance insulation and how best to utilize these for logistics, Supply Chain and Quality Assurance Management. With professional test chambers and a library of performance test data to support the decision-making process.

Located in our UK production facility is a state-of-the-art Technical Centre housing calibrated test chambers, emissivity testing equipment, simulation software, heat flow meters to measure thermal conductivity and calculate R-values of any insulation.

Heat Chamber Test Data

Since the outcome of a test can be influenced disproportionately by the density of the load, the input temperature of the load, the start temperature of the chamber, control of the heat within the chamber and the temperature at which the load is tested, we have established the following protocols for all our testing.

  1. Our test loads are at a mass of 20%. The test load is always the same.
  2. The chamber is pre-heated to 40°C or 45°C and the air is circulated throughout the chamber by a fan.
  3. Probes are placed throughout the heat chamber and the pallet both inside and outside the cartons. The number of probes and their position is always the same.
  4. Each load is pre-conditioned to 18°C (plus or minus 1°C)
  5. There is a hot plate underneath the load to replicate tarmac temperatures.
  6. Tests are repeated to ensure that the results are consistent.
  7. Performance of the cover is measured at the first probe within a carton to exceed 25°C, i.e. worst case scenario.

External testing

TLX Cargo products have been tested in real life conditions on some of the most demanding routes globally, for more information and data sheets please contact us.