1998 Commercial production of breathable roofing membranes started
1999 Relocated manufacturing to 40,000 ft2 Blackrod factory
Largest producer of breather membranes in Europe
2000 Installed Print Line and second slitter, Blackrod factory.
PH350 cold climate shelter research in Swiss Alps
2004 Improvements in Building Materials Patent granted
2005 Line built for multi-foil insulation
First sales of TLX SILVER
2006 Patent granted in Europe and US
BBA Certificate granted for TLX SILVER
2008 Thinsulex became TLX Insulation
Multi-layer Thermal Insulation System patent granted
2009 Collation line designed and built
First sales of TLX GOLD
2011 ETA obtained for TLX GOLD
Patent published
2013 Reflective coating patent and fibrous convection barrier patent published
2014 Fibrous convection barrier patent granted

Reflective coating patent granted
Insulation panels with air-tight extensions patent granted

BBA Certificate granted for TLX GOLD


TLX Cargo launched

First automated Cargo Cover production line built, at the TLX UK facility


Full range of thermal pallet covers designed and commercialized


TLX PCM launched, the Phase Change Material Cargo Cover.

TLX Fibre-Flex launched

Patent publication dates set


Emball`iso becomes TLX Cargo`s strategic global distribution partner