Thermal Packaging that's GDP Compliant

At TLX Cargo we ensure your goods are packaged in GDP Compliant materials. We have a full Audit Pack available on request.

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) applies across a number of industries and means that temperature sensitive goods must be shipped within the temperature limits set by the relevant label claim (being usually printed on the product packaging).

The large majority of temperature sensitive products need to be kept at between 15 and 25°C. TLX Cargo produces a wide range of solutions and materials which meet these requirements and provide an effective solution across different industries.


TLX Cargo on hand to manage route risk

TLX Cargo understand route risk analysis; our business has grown up in managing heat loss and heat gain in multiple industries and environments.

Many issues can arise along the length of a route, whether they be due to climate fluctuations or exposure to particularly extreme temperatures. This requires planning and TLX Cargo recommends a full route risk analysis before purchasing products to mitigate these factors and any associated risks.

Our onsite technical team is on hand and happy to help.