About Us

TLX Cargo is part of TLX Insulation Ltd, the world leading manufacturer of thin reflective insulation. As industry leaders, we’ve been setting standards of excellence in high performance, building insulation for nearly 25 years.

TLX Cargo cover thermal blanket systems are designed to minimise heat build-up in the most hostile environments. Using Phase Change Materials (PCM), Nano technology and convection inhibitors, our materials are waterproof, breathable with high reflectance and exceptional thermal performance. The systems deliver 360° thermal protection without the risk of condensation and without the need for accessories such as tape and scissors. The inventions and products we sell are unique to TLX.

As a UK science-based manufacturer of specialist insulation we are always at the end of the line if you need technical support. Just call our TLX Cargo hotline on +44 (0) 1204 695 666.