Protecting Ocean Freight Shipments


TLX Fibre-Flex The world’s first Phase Change Material (PCM) belt system, specially designed for ocean freight shipments


The global pharmaceutical market is moving more of their temperature sensitive shipments to sea freight, in order to reduce costs. Whilst in theory using sea freight can be justified even with the extended transportation times, a major issue companies face is temperature excursion at port, when the container is unplugged before being transported onto the truck or ship. These unplugs can last for 2-6  hours with the temperature inside the container quickly reaching 12°C-20°C for a 2-8 service.

The challenge:

The challenge was to design a product that was extremely thin, lightweight, easy to handle and could protect the product for 6+ hours.

Thickness: This is a critical issue as pallets need to maintain a suitable spacing, to allow airflow.

Lightweight: The products must be lightweight and easy to handle, even with PCM covering 5 sides of the pallet.

Speed: The system must only take 2-3 minutes to install.

Reusable: The system must be robust enough to be reused multiple times.



TLX Fibre-Flex Phase Change Material belts, incorporating Fibre-Flex Technology. This unique product moulds to any shape is lightweight, thin and remains flexible even when frozen, solving the issue of unplugs at port.

  • PCM available in 15-25°C or 2-8°C range
  • 3mm thick, Ultra-lightweight
  • PCM held vertically or horizontally
  • Reusable
  • 18 PCM systems per euro pallet for shipping