The 8th Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit


TLX Cargo is exhibiting at Fleming`s 8th annual Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit this week in Frankfurt. as momentum and interest builds in TLX Cargo`s latest product TLX PCM, which is a new generation of thermal blanket that incorporates PCM within its structure in combination with a low-emissivity outer skin giving genuine protection against tarmac excursions and temperature spikes.

TLX has an exhibition stand (stand 1) and will be speaking on the main programme at 14:50 on Day 1 about TLX PCM and what it means for our customers.

14:50 The world`s first PCM cargo cover

• Unveiling TLX PCM: The worlds cargo cover/ thermal blanket to have PCM (Phase Change Materials) integrated into its structure

• Encapsulating PCM within the physical structure of a thermal cover as a major technical breakthrough

• Exploring the challenge of temperature excursion between the thermal blanket and load

• Avoiding temperature excursions both inside and outside the box by using PCM

• Showcasing the cover that self regulates in accordance with the conditions

• Performance gap between conventional thermal blankets and a PCM based product

Thomas Hunt, TLX Cargo, United Kingdom Director at TLX Cargo